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“Àdùnní!” — A Poem by Ayoade Jesumbo John

The E-flat major tune of your voice,
Stabilise my conscience
till love imprisoned my thoughts.

Have ever stood before a mirror
And seen your self in full?

I love the beauty of the sky at night
That they while away my time
Looking at the awesome beautification endowed on them
but looking down from the sky to your face
Makes me to fee how ugly the heavenly bodies are
Compared to your figure,
And the dimples in your smile!

Tell me,
Are you Eve?
The only lady God himself decorated,
your beauty sparks like the crown side of a coin,
The twinkle of your eye touched the whole of me
that I will never think right or look elsewhere
Than to look for beads of colourful roses
To make some beats from your boom boom
That shake and make onlooking angels fall,
And man to stumble!

My last night was sleepless
cos all I see was the dazzling figure of you,
Your beauty conquers the definition of Jezebel,
Your beauty causes alarm of jingle bell,
If this your beauty was shown to the Gardener,
He will prefer to uproot the roots of roses,
And plant your statue instead.

What if I write your name in rhymes
Or turn them to the lyrics of a song
Composing its tune in rap,
Never to stop in verses and stanzas as I always do
Will you just come into my heart and fill this blank space?
Because if loving you is a crime
Let me be entangled,
And imprisoned for the reasons of loving you,
Or if loving you is a sin,
Let the angels from above
Open the gates of hell and let me in!

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