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“Uncle Stop” — A Poem by Franco P

My voice echoed in the night,
“Uncle, please stop!”
Tears fell from my eyes
My pride stolen before my eyes.
Oh, what a night.

Mother couldn’t believe me.
Everything in my room saw it,
Yet father believed him.
He gives me sweets
And touches my body’s sweets.

A little above ten
Yet he penetrated my frail body.
A blood to my father,
Forced blood out of my body.
Just a little above ten.

“Uncle stop!”
“Don’t ever speak up,”
He’d always bring up.
My body is in pain
Yet no one listened.

The bed witnessed.
A crying blood gushed out,
Like the pierced side of Jesus.
Yet there was no John,
To take Mary home.

Now I’m a little above twenty,
But I got addicted even before twenty.
Everything about me is now dirty.
People look at me with pity.
Just a little above twenty.

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