Circle of Life

Life is
A triangle,
Some tarry for
Food while others
Have them on a platter. But,
at the end we’ll meet at a point.

The birds in their glories soar
Way up in the sky, over the
hills and mountain tops
Feed on lowly insects
And in their fall
Ants feed.

The Circle
of Life is a triangle
of Fortune. It is feed or
Be fed upon, step out or be
Stepped upon. In all, survival
Is the watch word. We survive!

In the quest for plenty, many
tried and got, while some
died trying. But some
fellow with content
lives thru’ his
life happy.

Too much
For us to look
for in this world
But there’s nothing that
We shall be taking along.

The earth flourishes in time
To give us our food and
Opens up to receive
Us at the end
Such is this

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