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Return My Pride

From the silent jungle,
There, I heard a jingle.
From the lonely desert,
There lies the cry of a pained heart.
Are these real or fashioned in my imagination?

From the mighty forest,
There, I heard the feast
From the deepest ocean,
There lies the creek ever mourning.
A fiction it must be.

Her breath ceased
When she faced the pain,
The pain of the lost pride
The agony of forever
An unreturned priceless gift.

Her soul trembled
For the fear of tomorrow
Leaving her in a world of pain
A bleeding soul,
A gift to replace the lost one

Who will believe her story?
Who will nurture her agony?
Who will bind her wound?
Who will understand her pain?
Those questions can never have answers

A voice of a lost pride
Buried in forever memories,
Flashbacks of pain
Awaiting dreams of inner torture
A future untold!

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