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Resignation Letter

To the damsel
Who used to have my heart;

Like a cutlass
I am sharp, with a blade
I’m one-sided

I could be like a sword so sharp and two sided
If I had wanted,
For I have all it takes
But, no!
My personality won’t betray my reality
So I stayed true

With you I was gentle
Just like the dove
I obeyed your words
Like you were my pastor
I took you in high esteem
I followed you like a sheep
Through the pasture
But you ate all the greens and left me greys

You left me to feed on your nags
You demanded my attention like it was never there
You wanted your head on my shoulder
Even when death resided in me
When I travel through Hades
You did nothing, but hate

And like a cutlass that I am
I couldn’t cut lashes to beat you
For I see you not as a goat
But a wild animal
So I stayed mute

I was silent
Cool and calm as a sheep
But my mind works like the snake’s
I wouldn’t allow you to spoil
My future with your present

So I decided to give you a present,
A present to make you leave my presence
A present to make you a past, not a present tense

I brought you a present;
This letter of resignation,
Resignation from your suffocation
Suffocation which might lead to eternal damnation

I brought you this letter
To tell you my heart has grown wings
That my heart has flown off your hands
Now it belongs to someone else
My heart now belongs to another
Another who’s ready to be my mother
And not my murderer.

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