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Like Other Love Stories

The movies make our thing look fictional;
A big, round moon,
Showering graceful light on the kissing couple.
Her arms around his neck and his back against a giddy wind.
Exactly how it should be; like any normal love story.

When I read the books—
Those ones in which the hero gets the girl
And upon her, bestows words only fit for Greek deities,
While she motivates him with a smile to say more—
I can’t help but wonder, “Why not us?”

I’ve also heard fairytales,
Myths and Grandma’s folktales.
Most of these stories end similarly,
“…and they lived happily together ever after.”
Unfortunately our love story was among the tragic few.

We both wished for a happy ending.
And like those love stories there’s ‘you and me’.
But that’s as far as the similitude goes.
Shame, we’re the wrong characters for our own story.

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