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Moment of Grief

Shall I blame you for leaving so soon?
Shall I blame you for making me go through pain?
Shall I blame you for putting me in evalasting trauma?
Shall I blame you for memories not shared?
Why did you cross the line without hearing the whistle?

We were a happy family.
A complete one with a complete joy
That reflects on our smiley faces
Of everlasting merriments.
Doors of sadness were shut but now, opened!

You should have given a sign,
You should have told us
You won’t stay too long,
You should have warned us,
You should have told momma not to shed those salty liquids.

If I had known,
If I had the power to foresee,
If only I can bring back the old days,
If only I can predict the future,
If only I had seen it coming,

I would have treated you more than I did;
I would have treated you like a precious stone.
Why did you afflict us with so much unbearable pain?
Why did you change our happy memories into sadness?

You shouldn’t have thrown us into a world of solitude,
You shouldn’t have left us with so much grief and pain,
You shouldn’t have put momma in such humiliation,
You shouldn’t have shown us the love,
Maybe we wouldn’t have missed you this much.

Our dreams vanished the hour you left,
Our hopes ended the minute you took your last breathe
We mourned our happy memories the second you gave up the ghost.
Rest on, beautiful soul gone too soon,
I’ll wait maybe spring will bring you back to my cold hands.

I’ll move on,
I’ll wipe my tears,
I’ll rule the pain,
I’ll put the agony in shame,
I’ll burn it into ashes and pretend it never happened.

I’ll plant a tree of hope
And maybe one day I will reap from it,
I’ll make a new memories
But yours will stay forever.
Till I journey to meet you. Aloha, perfect man ever made.

Thanks to life for lessons learnt yet never registered for.

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