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The Lily on the Lawn

A graceful lily lay on the lawn,
I watched it every dusk and dawn;
Such beautiful floral design,
And I longed to make it mine.

But I touched the lily not,
In fear that it would rot;
For with hate my hands were stained,
And not a speck of love remained.

So I got a friend to tend the lily,
And the thought seemed not silly;
Watching from over a mile,
In tender joy I did smile.

But when my heart grew fond,
And I knew we shared a bond,
I ran back to my lily’s light,
And beheld so painful a sight.

And my heart became sore,
For my lily was mine no more;
As I watched its petals bend,
To the bosom of my friend.

Immersed in my dismay,
I walked sadly away.
My lovely lily is gone;
The graceful lily on the lawn.

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