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My Rain Boy

I had been hearing about him. His name was unknown. He was the knight who always crushed the fiery head of one of the subjects I considered as beasts back then in school. I so badly wanted to know him, to meet him and most especially to know if his so-called prowess was over-exaggerated. And then one beautiful day, I got my first golden chance.

The first time I actually got to meet him, I was very excited. I mean, it’s not every day that you get a chance to sit beside someone you’ve always wanted to know. I felt like I was meeting my favorite celebrity, except this wasn’t a celeb, he was just a boy; a normal everyday boy. I guess I was overreacting but I wasn’t even thinking at the time. I wanted to reach out to him; to probably start up a conversation or maybe just introduce myself; to do something, anything at all just so he’d notice me and at least get to know me. But then, I seemed to have been bound by thick, invincible threads. He was so close … yet so far away. And then when he was done with his business, I watched him stand up to leave and there was nothing I could do about it except of course to trail after him with my eyes like some sort of doll. I missed my chance to talk to my knight that day but then I knew another chance would come. I just knew. It rained that night.

Just as I had thought, not long after that day, another opportunity to meet the knight presented itself. This time, I was determined to do everything possible to introduce myself. “It shouldn’t be so hard to talk to somebody,” I told myself. I passed by him that morning and I gave a soft “good morning”.

You know, sometimes we greet people even when we do not expect them to answer, we just greet them anyway. That was exactly what I did that day. But to my utmost surprise, he looked up and with a wide smile, he replied my greeting. Now I didn’t know if he was smiling at me or someone else behind me and I really didn’t care. I got to know later though that this knight smiles at everybody. His smile was warm …yes, that’s the only word that can actually describe it. The type of smile you give to a close friend. I think I was most probably imagining it all because after the smile, he didn’t as much as give me a glance at all. The smile sort of gave me a burst of confidence. So I decided I was going to go strike up a conversation during recess that day and continued about my work. Just before the break that day, a very heavy downpour began. Again.

The long awaited recess finally came. Scanning the crowd with my eyes, I realized that my knight was nowhere to be found. I decided to go have lunch first and then I came back to the hall only to find my knight already chatting with some other girl. They seemed to be really close. He probably said something very funny because the girl gave a small laugh. She was pretty, way prettier than I was at the time. They were pretty … sort of. It was a nice sight. And then I felt a stab of something that felt like jealousy but then I chided myself; I mean, the boy didn’t even know what my shadow looked like. And there, my second chance slipped right through my tiny fingers. It didn’t stop raining that day until very late in the night. And that was when I gave him the name; he was my Rain Boy. It rained the first two times I saw him. It couldn’t have been a coincidence, I really do not believe much in coincidences anyway. I guess the elements were following our story too or maybe I was just being a stupid young girl blinded by her fantasies. I never had another chance to meet my rain boy after that day.

Now that I think of it though, I think I acted really stupid back then. I probably should’ve just gone to talk to him or something; I have a feeling he would have been nice to me. Anyway, it’s all bygones now. My rain boy could be anywhere in the world now. I don’t know. I didn’t follow him up. And although a few years have passed since I last saw my rain boy, I still think of him sometimes; most especially when it rains and I wonder if perhaps he still controls the weather …

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