Fly, Thrive

Gloom lies in moments of a dark eye,
Weighing on the shoulders of a beauty’s bright side,
Nothing is fair not even the minds cry,
Ridiculous ridiculousness riding on no bright side.

Uncountable stars seated in the sky so high,
But as an eagle the shepherd must thrive;
God listens but man thrives,
Confusion sighs and that’s no lie,
Success is a height not all are willing to fly.

To thrive I must and reach to the sound mine,
The wind spake of the North Pole as being a gold mine,
Drunk in the bittersweet taste for success I dance to sky dive;
To thrive i must and reach the sky high,
Though my legs might run,
I’ve got to sky fly and suck its nectar sweet with no sigh,
To thrive I must and on this star’s fly or die..

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