Yes, I’m Proud!

I could recall that Wednesday morning.
That beautiful morning, I took the bold step
The day I set out to battle with the monster called exam
A step to becoming a law student.
As I stepped with the struggling legs
My heart skipped
Will I ever be given the opportunity?
Will luck dance to the tune of my pleas?
I was surely engrossed in rhetoric
And yes, my heart was troubled.
Like a proverb
Many are called but few are chosen
I was called and was chosen.
Grace birthed me,
Grace nurtured me,
Grace gave me the opportunity.

Yes! I’m a law student!
With my white and black I walk
And my tie to suit
Yes, I’m proud!
Call it pride
The profession I’ve chosen was worth it
Sleepless nights just to stand out
And one day to wear that which you call a choir gown;
I’m sure you’ll join the mass if you’re chosen.
I went tirelessly to extra classes
You can call me a bookworm
Ride on, I gain pleasure in that
Standing in front of people,
Making arguments,
Addressing the court,
Worth an accolade.
Accolade? No, a standing ovation!
It isn’t easy to fight against shyness
I love the corporate days
I look like a lawyer ready to demonstrate in court
Or what are your views?
Of course it’s the joy of my profession
The constitution is my shepherd
Guiding me through injustice
I stand for fairness
Though you call me a truth twister.
I’m the shield to the weak
Yes! I fight against injustice
I take pleasure in Latin maxims,
Aye! You can say I’m showing off.
I take delight in moot cases,
Arguing to win cases,
I rely on reported cases,
And past judicial precedents to buttress my point
‘My lord,’ the phrase that lets out the golden smile
With my efforts
I defend the innocent
Call me ‘the law’
And I will let out the dentition
Call me a learned colleague
If only we are paddling the same boat
It will be unjust if you tell me my profession is based on lies
I only amend the facts
Hail Joseph Robert
A man in whom I’m well pleased
He taught me to have a sense of ‘pride’
And yes, I’m proud to be a law student!

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