Month: April 2020

  • MusingsPhoto of Drums of the Land

    Drums of the Land

    In the land of Éni à bìré When the sun rests its nerves Comes the echo of the Iya Ilu Summoning it’s people To a répéter of its evenings The young ones await under the…

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  • MusingsPhoto of I Am No Failure

    I Am No Failure

    This is my answer Revenge It’s not over yet I don’t believe in failure For the discontinuation of my pen I write to the VC I have decided not to give up I refuse to…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Awaiting Lightsout

    Awaiting Lightsout

    We’re more than a shred Fallen from an iroko. In where we’re left To suck the suckles Of nipped succulent nature, Sucking beauty off From creation As a tizzy suckling; Our dreams are whirlwind Whirling…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Let This Be A Secret

    Let This Be A Secret

    I am the silent voice in the midst of darkness I am the body unseen that crawls into your bed at night I am the tender tickling breeze that rings in your ears I am…

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  • PoetryPhoto of She Thought I Was A Monster

    She Thought I Was A Monster

    To her I was probably a symbiote, Looking for who she is, minie miny moe, My blood is heating more and more, Her absence, I’m not monitored, Roaming through the processes of life cores, Life…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Flambé


    A beautiful gift of nature Nature gave her immense power Power to consume Consume whatever gets in her way or to beautify Beautify metals and stones. She’s a beautiful sight Sight of her also instills…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Saddles


    The queen of somber The mother of nature The wild beauty queen With language barrier The thief of saddles Valiant and on shrubberyed hair She stands tall On tall legs and circled eyes Triangled nose…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Odyssey


    Lost in an arid paradise, Cozened by the folly of transient repose, My soul the joys of life did entice As I sat on the porch, and mourned my woes. A sharp shrill shot through…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Definition of Family

    Definition of Family

    There’s this thing about family When you really think about it God was united in the Trinity to create everything Things inanimate and things living. We have the drops of water fusing together to form…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Faces


    What’s it like to actually have a face? A personality? An identity? What does it sound like to have a voice? To speak and to be heard? Questions I ask no one in particular. I…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Hello Darkness!

    Hello Darkness!

    Hello, Darkness, we have started well, right in the middle of somewhere you came and shade our path with a host of black cloud. Hello darkness! why did you shade the day With your black…

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  • MusingsPhoto of If Only Life Can Continue

    If Only Life Can Continue

    At the start, it was a charade But the longevity it posseses Abated our doubts And realities chained our doors The beauty of the prior days Melted on our dry lips As sorrows were never…

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  • MusingsPhoto of First Kiss

    First Kiss

    I can still remember it vividly like a baby remembers the face browsing the breast it suckles The memories are not splitting at all unlike weathering rocks These memories like grains of rice of rocky…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Dense Dances

    Dense Dances

    One day, the bush meats Will chase their hunters And the hunters Will become the hunted. These human hunters That glory in taking lives And humiliating humans, Dancing densely around their captives, Shall eat their…

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  • PoetryPhoto of Corona


    Life, seeking light in dim, Reality colour our world with grim Every moment counts gloom Time stick, ways yarn from its own ways Oh Lord, it seems like we are hewn From where we belong,…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of O My Admirer

    O My Admirer

    O my admirerNow that we have met, Flog me with the beauty of your cane, I want to be shattered forever. O my admirer Slay me with your magical hands, I want to have your…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Soul Song

    Soul Song

    Shadows of a lifetime hung in ghastly array as I neglect the very warning of my darkened solitude Mesmerized by the frivolous enchantment of my imagination, my heart was a time bomb waiting for orders…

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  • Love PoemsPhoto of You Broke Me

    You Broke Me

    “I’m sorry for hurting you” For hurting me? Nigger you broke me And I’ll never be the same You played with my heart You broke me apart I’m nothing without you I love you, I…

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  • MusingsPhoto of Sierra Leone Independence

    Sierra Leone Independence

    On this day in 1961, The lioness breaks, From the shackles of imperialism, Becomes queen of her jungle. Romarong! Romarong! The freedom is costly, The lioness’s cubs roar in despair, From the bitter wind of…

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  • Micro PoetryPhoto of Blues


    Where did you go? Blue clouds, my blues I miss the calmness You brought home Smiles and cheers That made me look Happier like a clown Sun that brightened In yellow orange Butterflies runing through…

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