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Yes, Mature

Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s what it is.
I really don’t know but I’m quite sure that maturity is many things. When a younger sibling corrects your wrong doing and you accept it with humility, that’s maturity.

Ngozi offended me and we both started having issues. I would rather say we stopped talking. I tendered an apology which was supposed to be other way round. I shouldn’t have done that, right?

No, you’re the wrong one here. I actually did the right thing. I dreaded keeping malice with people and I also valued my friendship with her. In other words, I was mature.

Humility is maturity. Forgiveness is maturity. ‘Craving peace’ is maturity. Showing love is maturity. Fearing God is maturity. Being yourself is maturity.

Wait a second, ask yourself, “Are all of these true?”

I’m not sure either, but I just believe maturity is, ‘DOING THE RIGHT THING’.

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