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Thirty Pieces of Silver

For thirty pieces of silver
the Lord of life was taken away;
Thirty pieces of silver
A price for the head of a slave!
For “1… 2… 3…” they counted
Till “28… 29… 30…” they negotiated
They traded my King and Savior for a mere 30 pieces of silver.

All for just thirty pieces of silver
He was nailed with thieves
Oh, just thirty pieces for his head
Thirty pieces for his wholeness
For thirty pieces of silver
He went all the way to Golgotha
The worth of His betrayal?
Just a meager thirty pieces of silver

They collected thirty pieces for his life
Thirty pieces to end my fight
For thirty pieces of silver
He was broken and fragmented
Just for my sake
And for every sin I committed
I once again gave Jesus away
For how much? A mere thirty pieces of silver.

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