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Let’s talk about the present users of social media which is us. How do we use it? For good or bad? Most youths of the present days see it as a blog where they display their personal life like the KUWTK. Some display their business lives, some hobbies, some are just there for viewing. The youths, which are in the category of being viewers tend to go through certain— should I say?—inferiority complex. He feels that he isn’t good enough so he tries his utmost best to be like the celebrity who has his life posted on social media.

One thing he doesn’t know is that some of these celebrities just live the social media life. They don’t know what every celebrity out there is really going through. They don’t know how hard they work to get the money they use, to get the home they have. As he sees them he always thinks life is smooth and not hard.

Sometimes he would be like, “God, when is my own going to come?” He’d see his age mates earning twenty million dollars as their net worth and he would be like, “See my mate.”

All that he sees on social media has turned him to someone with audio money according to Rude boy, our Nigerian artiste. He starts living a fake life, doing giveaways when he doesn’t have money to give away to the landlord for house rent. He wouldn’t just wait for his time.

The youth that’s a girl borrows or wears unpaid clothes to take pictures and do videos, then post it online just to get followers or likes. Everyone is seeking fame. Yes, everyone is seeking fame but there are better things to do to gain fame rather than living a fake life. Anyway I would not be surprised if a youth living a fake life on social media gets popular.

It really doesn’t matter because that’s what our world has turned into.

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