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See, I Did Something Wrong! (V)

I raped him,
That part is true.
I loved him,
He loved me too.
A moment of affection,
Out of control.
Upon the altar he served
A gentle soul,
A diligent boy,
A lover of God.
His eyes;
Filled with perpetual innocence
I stole it;
His childhood,
His vibrance,
His peace.
I did,
In his father’s house.
However, nothing,
Nothing at all bothers me
My soul; I have entrusted to Jesus and Mary
As for him.
It saddens me.
He shall be thought of as possessed,
As one trying to destroy my name,
As one trying to tarnish the church,
As one trying to shame God’s image.
See I did something wrong,
It wasn’t my fault, it was the devil’s.

I forget to mention I am a seventy years old reverend father and he was just ten years old.

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