Ruined Passion

Steady state bliss
that was all they knew.
With constant grab and kiss
they felt life daily anew.

She knew his bitter side,
a qualm she dealt with pride.
He want her as a bride,
a goal he aimed not to go wide.

They’d love it now
though times seem not to bow.
And eager to succumb to a vow,
they never asked ‘why’ or ‘how’?

But after they had sex
he became her ex’.
All the sweet texts
became an uncertain next.

She slept and wept
and cursed without a course.
He kept his depth
and slid without a glide.

Love so sweet turned sour
and they dwindled every hour.
She hated him with all she got.
She irritated him like smell from rot.

What everyone once envied
became a stale gossip.
They loved without being levied
yet they ditched love and friendship.

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