Every time he dropped his gun,
He ran straight out of his territory
You could see him humbly walking into the temple
‘Murderer.’ You could hear the whispers from the pew
But a deaf ear he has turned to them
He walks to the throne and bows
They continue their whispers as they watch him kneel before the wooden cross
He interacts with the heavens and communicates with the Light
They wonder why he kneels at that cross and chants
He receives of the Lord and takes in a new infilling
They wonder why he drinks and falls at the altar
He stands in reassurance and walks away with joy
They wonder why a murderer wastes his time seeking salvation
He knows he may kill one more time
‘Of course he would kill someone as he goes out there’
But he smiles as he remembers the words from the throne
They wonder what could ever make him repent!
‘I would take away your lusts, with time you would be a new man’
They hiss and sit in their pew, holding their Bibles and waiting to mock the next
He surrenders to a higher power and sees his days of assassination coming to an end.
With time every addiction is broken. And the clock would surely bring a new hour.

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