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As I try to tell this story, tears drop silently from my heart
Like a fruit plucked on a tree, it’s like I’m ripped apart.

The cock crows at the dawn of day, yet you’re still, you’re silent like the wind that blows away.

Visions of my pain, I see in all that lives.
Nothing lasts forever, even the very air I breathe.

Like a pirate lost at sea, hoping to get to the shores
I long to land on an island that which echoes your voice

To say I miss you is a lie
To say I need you is pretence
My feelings for you I can’t deny
I want a world with you that has no end.

I’m in love with an enemy
Without whom sleep becomes a hope
My love is not a fantasy, and certainly it’s not a joke.

The flies whisper your name and away I drive them
The wind sings of your praise to me, Wow! It sounds like an anthem.

Each bite of a sweet mango tastes like the nectar of your lips,
Pleasing like an apple, is the feeling of your lovely kiss.

My skin itches after I get a bath cause I feel you all over me
I hit the gym to pull the weights, yet my brain calls out your name nicely.

I try to lift and I’m short of breath. To this I have no answer.
Your picture is all over my head recognising you solely as my LOVER.

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