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It Doesn’t Bother Me

Your words cut deep
Your actions dug graves that could end me

And it doesn’t bother you
If I’m shattered
Because it isn’t your cross to carry
It’s mine,
Who asked, “How are you?”

It isn’t your heart to bleed,
It’s mine,
Who would crawl to see you meet up

It isn’t your sheep to look out for,
It’s I who never thought of you as an Ingrate
I trusted you.

No, it has never bothered you
For feeling indebted
Has ruined your senses
Thinking money can pay me off someday
Is a price to my kindness!
Unaware, I was just a pasty

It isn’t your shame to hide
It’s mine,
Who helped even when you never asked.

So how can it ever be your blame
when kindness isn’t a game to play for reward?

Tomorrow holds many fortunes and ills
And if I pick the unlucky star
I would happily dine in my darkness

The truth remains,
“It is done”
No! It doesn’t bother me anymore
If in the future you’re greater
And I, a nobody

But because you once mattered to this heart.
I’m still trying so much not to abhor you.

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