If I’m A Poet

If I’m a poet,
I’d leave cuddles where I find fears
For one too many live with all the world’s jeers and cares.
Tasting my sanity against theirs;
I’d be lost in their heaven, with no time for my hell

If I’m a poet,
I’d give love to Alice
That girl that never earned a glance
Because she wasn’t his perverted version of Beyonce

If I’m a poet,
I’d need an elephant’s mouth to tell about;
All what poetry does aloud—
To me.
In me…

How it flees every fetid flood,
Leaving moony mansions in mind.

If I’m a poet,
I’d be a man for all ladies.
With a manly voice,
My language laden with a chosen choice;
I’d describe their beauty,
From hair to tail
Leaving nothing that could be improved by art or nature.

If I’m a poet,
I’d buy me an ink and a quill
That lends permanence to my thoughts.
Buy me a tongue very simple to pronounce,
words that could serve my thoughts

If I’m a poet,
I’d live with all the cheer and gay;
A life worth a barrow-full of pay—
For a wife,
Because I will frame her for my life.

If I’m a poet,
I’d make writing an art for which I cannot lose the lust
I’d give colouring to my words
Both for the merry at heart
And for the weary at soul.

But I’m not a poet,
Because I’m yet to grind my millet,
One that I need to make muse
Delicious for all to use.

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