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Ex Best friend

Dear Best Friend,
you were the most important person in my life,
Now, I don’t even know where your importance fled to,
For once I could not even imagine leaving without you,
But somehow, I slowly learn how to,
Because I had no option,
when you suddenly decided to leave,
Without any signs or reasons behind,
Or any dream to be defined,
I had to move away,
so you just decided to move on,
And you forget the promises of forever and always,
And all those times,
Our hearts agreed to never part ways,
How could you just decide to,
Leave all the broken piecies for me,
when you did not even say a proper good bye,
to our countless memories,
you broke me in a way,
I had never been broken before,
Because I never taught that my other half,
would want to leave my life,
In a life,
it still numbs me to remember,
The late night phone calls,
The sleep overs and silly fights,
the memories of you crying on my shoulder at night,
But I know,
you are not really thesame person, who was my best friend,
with whom this remarkable moments,
I use to spend,
you have changed, so much that,
I don’t miss you any more,
I just miss the person you were before this cold war,
In the corridor where we use to walk hand in hand,
laughing the whole way through,
Now we just pass each other like strangers,
with no sight of regret in you,
But what you were back then,
is something I will always want back,
But what I have got is a these memories of us,
which remind me how much you have changed in this whole fuss.

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