Did You Ever Love Me?

Did You Ever Love Me?

Do you think about me like the way you used to
Or I have become just a memory?

Do I still make your steps falter when you see me from a distance,
Or that spark is lost to the wind?

Does your heart beat for me like before
Or it has faded away?

Am I in still the woman of your dreams or
You have found another?

Why are you silent?

You are sorry.

For what, if I may ask?

Is it for staining my delicate soul with your deceits,
Or for staining me with your emotional blackmails.
Or for making me sacrifice our child since you bluntly refused paternity?

It’s hard to believe,
It’s too late now,
My mind is in turmoil and it’s searching for an answer to all this pain.

I need your honest answer on this.

Did you ever love me?

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