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The world shakes to her toxic presence
She walks full of ardour and pride
Toxifying every creature she comes across
Crushing the flowers with her feet

Each of her horn is in flames like the hell
Her eyes dripping blood
Her lips taste of French wine
Her body swaying to the rhythm of the dead bodies she murdered

I couldn’t resist the temptation I have for her
I crawled and begged her to let me love her
She smiles and said, “At the expense of your soul”
I agreed obediently as her new slave.

She kissed and devoured my lips,
Intoxicating me with the taste of wine
Her fingers sailing through my spine
She whispered to my ear, “I want your blood”
“Please do that ma’am, suck me till I depart to the land of my ancestors”

She licked my neck and planted her canine teeth on my vein
Tightly holding me by my waist,
I can feel my blood oozing out of the two holes she punctured
Drinking each drop with ecstasy,

I can see the flames on her horn
In between this flames is a pure light
I can see people walking with white garments all around
My body hits the ground and my eyes were closed forever
“This is a not vanilla type of relationship,” she said.

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