A fresh start of humid
Suspended in a finite mid, of great moisture trance in the mind
For a long time to be met by caddy
Gambol of different sod
To hydrate the environ of hod

My speed to the dancing wave
Spin my blood to glut with wave
A dancing shoe ring my bell
To steep down the hill
Like the morning air without a fear
Of mirage which is far down the road to summer
Of different things to miner
In second of different gear to wheel out the quality of summer to winter

How adored is the scent of the atmosphere
So freshing to cool the sphere of the mind.
A couple of different things to adored the mind
A tree of pleasant coverage for the mind
The lotion of flowing stream through the mind
Beside the North Pole from the past valley
To place out new pasture of comfort and convenient region of nice texture with loop of zero doubt.

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