The Stranger

I will tell you a story about a stranger, who visited us in the community of Umuakam.
We were all living in peace, unity and love until suddenly this stranger came.
An unacceptable one if you ask me,
‘Cause it was what every Tom, Dick and Harry avoided.
It seemed very popular,
Because it was a major point of discussion everywhere you went, you can call it MTN if you wish.
Quarantine and self-isolation were its friends’ cause they moved together.

It changed many things and wreaked a lot of havoc.
Firstly, it closed down schools and made our houses our place of learning
It shut down churches and caused the media our place of worship.
Raising of thumbs was now preferred to shaking of hands and hugs.
The fear of going out was now the beginning of wisdom to avoid contact with this stranger.

Just yesterday morning we heard 3000 persons died in the neighbouring community because they came in contact with this stranger; situations are moving from bad to worse.
‘Stay Safe’ has become the language of the day, with ‘Stay At Home’ its substitute.
Even when people were working it wasn’t rosy, not to talk of now there has been a compulsory sit-at-home.

And the kings,
What do they know?
Even before the king of our own town came to talk about this stranger, it took him time. Who knows, maybe he had to learn the pronunciation of this stranger’s name?
Bad, isn’t it?
Things were really falling apart
Even in this bad omen, he has decided to make good out of it by collecting money as a result of this stranger, and yet he did nothing about it.
Today it was said that a boy was shot dead
By the same police who are supposed to be our friends.

Finally a concert was held worldwide and there was a shutdown.
What do you expect?
DJ Corona is on the beat.
It is a virus and it is real.

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