The Geisha Goddess

She was lost on the bank of Riben Hai
And stranded upon the face of the earth
She looked up to the sky and wondered why
She! A lady from the realm of high,
How dare the gods defile her, and send
her out?

To dwell amongst men, this was a disgrace
But an opportunity she seems to acknowledge
For she was the goddess of love,
The gods’ punishment was a dream come true.

She is geisha, from the House of Nakamura
Her name, Sakura.
She lays under the branches of the
Tree, the red acacia,
Her silky dress matching with the flowers
Her face white and her skin paler.

Her love for men was the reason she was
Sent out from the heavens.
To fufil her desires, she became a geisha
Not just a dancer, but a pleasure seeker.
In the House of Nakamura
There, your pleasure shall be fulfilled.

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