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Shall We Dance?

Shall we dance, Mon Cherie? Take my hand,
I’ll take the lead
And with each step we take,
Our breaths become one.
Our lives entwined.

Shall we dance, Mon Petite?
I’ll throw roses at your feet
As you glide and slide like a swan.
Graceful, sensual
Our bodies moving to the rhythm
Like moths to lights.

Shall we dance, Mi Amor?
I’ll teach you how to respect my body.
Slowly I’ll give you my life,
My love, my everything
With every step we take.
I’ll give you control
And let you own me
For this moment
For a lifetime afterwards, maybe.

Let’s dance, my love,
Let our souls leap and soar,
With the wings of romance
Down the ballroom,
Down the streets of love
Down the halls of life.

Darling, shall we?

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