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You comfort, wipe tears, give courage,
When we are down in the mud, you are our happiness,
Us, who are broken, the forgettable.

We turn to you when things get hot,
Messy and out of control crying at your feet,
A sip of your bitterness inside us escapes, take me under your spell We’re too weak when sober, comfort us, liquor
Show us love.

You make us great musicians, Dancers, comedians, outspoken but mostly sinners
A price to pay once we’re out of your spell, nothing comes for free
Happiness is short-lived, regrets takeover.

We long for your charms, summoning again the genie. Your demons are too good to quit. Brokenness befalls us, thirsting for your quenching, crossing borders to get to you.

Youth wasted properties, stolen from people, killed friends, hurting suicidal thoughts
Death is the end game, it’s either I end my misery or you do it
There’s no escape

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