Sitting on a four-legged black curvy chair covered with leather, and beautifully glittering
This chair has neither wheels nor strings but the motion of my wild running mind sends it rocking
Kwak-Kwak! It takes off in its to-and-fro motion like a toad croaking
This sets the rhythm for my mind to wander off, in its dance of homecoming

Kwak-Kwak! My mind crawls in a retreating motion to times past
The times it wandered off in search of what it felt was the brass ring and the best
It retreats to times it felt mimicry, was the safest route whose distance is the shortest
It prys back to times it felt to see the lights like an epiphyte it needed an Irolo to get to the topmost

Kwak-Kwak! It dashes into a wilderness of immeasurable thirst
A thirst that is not only marked with dryness of the mouth, but also its unwillingness to drink
A thirst in which the mouth is not eager to wet as all its muscles are worn out
To this thirst the mouth and all its members sag like a sack

Kwak-Kwak! With the second forward-moving ‘Kwak‘, it remembers the quenching of this uncharacteristic thirst
It recurs this thirst could not be quenched by liquor of any sort
But its flashback reminds it that the only panacea it found was Whitney’s Greatest love of all for its thirst
The backward-moving ‘Kwak‘ reminds it, it was a long and hard search for the cause of this chronic thirst

Then with the last Kwak-Kwak! which sends me back to my cubicle
It remembers Whitney’s greatest love of all is ‘Love of All Inside of You’
And it hit it that when Whitney’s love enveloped it, the Oprah’s phenomenon occurred ‘The Greatest Truest Expression of Yourself’
Then it embraces its cubicle knowing that when Whitney’s love moves with Oprah’s phenomenon, then we are ‘Home’

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