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Erated Poemier—Corona Where, Why, Flee?

In the years before now,
You came as a terror,
With no source of origin,
Everyone took you for a joke,
And the world poked
Fun at the faces of its reality.

But sometimes we just sit and listen,
How it all started,
In the middle of nowhere,
Now it’s now somewhere,
And everywhere.

How lost were we,
To taunt at an unknown,
It kills but we don’t know,
People falling like leaves,
With no base like beefs,
How long must we hide,
When our identity are at stake?

You attack like an enemy,
Invisible as though art,
You left your victims,
Like blind men,
Without sight,
Unknown to your attacks.

Now we on lockdown
In our homes,
Like estranged beings on caves,
Corona even our loved ones,
Have been ravaged by your flirtations,
We are hiding,
And wishing,
When will the day come
That lives will feel free from it all?

They say it’s the end,
But livelihood on dreams dial,
Should we forgo our best moments,
Or our expected wishes,
For a pandemic at rue
With no personality?

Sometimes the moments,
Seem longer,
Who can rescue a sane sage,
With all his wisdom?
But no solution to the now,
Even pastors that command the now,
In the plug of the supernatural,
Are befuddled,
Their quest for spirituality,
Was after all a joke,
To public eyes,
All seem to leave words to bend,
As our world would blend,
With the consequences of our Negligence.

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