I keep on saying better days are coming
But it seems like better days are gone
I wish I could smile for 2020
But how can I smile,
While our world is in isolation?

Here we are sitting in our homes
Just because of this Covid-19
A disease which attacks our lungs
A disease which has symptoms of flu
They say it fights with our immune system

It is now breaking bonds between family and friends
We no longer allowed to hold hands
But to wash our hand nor use sanitizers
And as for me I don’t see the use
‘Cause now it’s no longer Coronavirus
But the F-VIRUS

The world has totally changed
Schools are closed
Shops are closed
Or let me just say we on lockdown

There are no longer days of the week but there is just a day
A day in which we wake up everyday, thinking that this disease would have gone away
But it’s just a dream ’cause it’s like it’s here to stay

We can let this disease destroy us
Or we can use it to our own benefit
To rebuild the broken walls which have collapsed with our brothers and sisters
Maybe use this moment to finally open our eyes
So we can see if we have been taking the right path or not
Because the only vaccine for this F-VIRUS and any other virus
Guys, the F-VIRUS I’m talking about it’s FEAR
But we don’t have to be afraid
Because we can still fight this
But the only way is to hold hands and work together
For we are the waves of the same sea
And at the end, when it’s all said and done
All we would have had in this world is each other

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