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A Girl Can Trust Still… Right?

Roses! Roses!
Just beneath my closet,
I had a door,
Perpetually white and pure.

There it was,
Standing at the door,
It became so endearing,
But dimensions cut between us,
I took a choice I couldn’t help but take.

I passed over the path,
Holding on to a loop,
But the loop fell,
And I went into transition.

I saw myself on my bed,
And the law touching me,
I loathed the crowd in my room,
Yet I couldn’t do anything,
Golden tapes shielded my room.

I felt empty like the wind,
I had felt roses inside,
But deluded thereafter,
I was only in an unknown dimension.

I gave too much of faith,
To a dear being,
It had two choices,
But it chose my death.

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