Woman! Woman! Woman!
She’s an angel in truth,
A demon in fiction;
A woman is the greatest contradiction.

She’s afraid of a cockroach,
She’ll scream at a mouse,
But she’ll tackle a husband,
As big as a house,

She’ll take him for better,
She’ll take him for worse,
She’ll split his head open,
And then be his nurse.

And when he is well,
And can get out of bed,
She’ll pick up a tea pot,
To throw at his head.

She’ll lift a man up,
She’ll cast a man down,
She’ll make him her king,
She’ll make him a clown.

You fancy she’s this,
But you’ll find she’s that,
For she’ll play like a kitten
And bite like a cat.

In the morning she will,
In the evening she won’t
And you’re always expecting,
That she does, but she doesn’t.

She’s faithful, she’s deceitful,
She’s keen-sighted and blind,
She’s crafty, she’s simple,
She’s cruel, she’s kind.

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