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Songs of Lamentation

What do we have to say?
What do we do?
Have we offended the gods,
Or we all dreaming?

What do we eat?
What are we to do?
Didn’t the priest ask us to make sacrifices to the gods?
Are they not angry now?

How arrogant our king was,
When the chief priest instructed us
To do the needful.
Can we see what this has turned into?

Look at our bananas.
Look at our carrots.
Look at our corns.
Is it not clear for us all to see?

Jaja is dead—
My son, the farmer,
Whom I asked not to eat the corn.
He didn’t just die; he dried up.

Ah! What do we do?
What do we feed on?
Who will come to our rescue?
The chief priest too is dead.

Are we all going to die this way?
Who do we call upon?

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