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Sails of Life

I can hear the thumping and thundering of war drums
Their intricate sounds can make an unborn baby shiver

The nights screamed darkness
Days look so gloomy

The heart of man is now in an unsteady position
We do not know how to behave anymore

We think of the joy we traded for peace,
The kisses of our wives for
the clashing of swords.
Tender hugs for our daughters
may become squeezing of throats.

We sigh and refuse to think of home
Now is no time to smell cinnamon bread,
For the taste of death draws near.

Its taste leaves my mouth sour
Appetite has flown over the rooftop

Hunger is tattooed on our foreheads
Thirst comes out to mock us

The land has been desecrated to the core

Blood of warriors floats on the earth
The land gobbles the blood of lovers

I see violence birthed from love and
a courage stirred by promises
Yet, our fate is a mystery

Even love makes no decision in war

Nothing can stop hatred from acting as a savage
Despair has become our national anthem

We call on sorrows to extinguish the flames of pains in our life

Questions rise as we lay dust to dust,
Ashes mixes with our grave

The reaper planted hatred and
reaped a thousand souls

There is no hope for us anymore
We are a lost cause

There is no solution
Insanity is now brewing like kegs of palmwine
And here we are drunk of its fermented form
Staggering and tripping on every stone of sanity

But one hope we held onto
Yet we allowed the wind to sail it to the land of no return.

Naa Dromor & TD Adams

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