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Pressure of Expectations

Eros love
With dearly expectations
Desperately tagging along
Loving Joseph who loves Mary
Expecting pricey valuables and love.
Reality hits by a heartbreak
Low self-esteem filling up my wits
Self discrimination framing

Fraternal love
With enormous expectations
Despondency chocking me
Rejection spearing me
Feeling futile and lifeless.
Reality hits by ulcers
Dreams shattered, evil ruling
Abashed and mistreated

Filial love
With extreme expectations
Expecting love and support, just illusions maybe
Anguish feeding me with tears
At the dark corner zooming.
Reality hits by heartache
Pressure of expectations
Operating full time

Agape love
With great expectations
Wait! says the Lord our (my) God
Often prayers and praises
Not enough to my impression.
Reality hits by no sign of phenomenon
Still beneath pressure of expectations
I want to die!

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