Leopard’s Totem

I am a leopard’s totem,
Astoundingly strong to face the hardships of life and be tagged as a conqueror in the Book of Life.
Never seen as fragile, always striving for the high good things of life.
Agile like a leopard carrying its prey to the top of a high tree.

I am a leopard’s totem,
Labelled ambitious because I know my goal in life and how I can make it come true.
If the storm of life awaits me to destroy or stop me on my way of success, then it needs to think twice.

I am a leopard’s totem,
Born as a fighter,
Courageous like a predator ready to pounce on it prey,
A great warrior on the battle field of life, never letting down my guard until I see my opponent down on his knees begging for mercy.

I am a leopard’s totem,
I won’t give up on my goals in life for anyone.
I am not afraid to fulfil my goals because I am a leopard’s totem.

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