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Dear mama
Tell me, what’s my sin,
Why do you hate me so bad,
Why do you despise my existence?

Mama did you know
I felt your love
Last night when you caressed your tummy
I heard your whispers when you spoke to me
I felt your tears when you sobbed ’cause of me?

Mama do you know
I got a little dream
In my tiny world within you?
I had a wish
That once I’ll open my eyes
And meet the eyes of she
She whom my life she gifted?

Mama, I wanted to meet you,
To touch your cheeks,
To look into your eyes,
To tell you I love you

But mama my world went cold.
In silence I felt us part
His words rang
And yours did
As you confidently whispered
That you wanted me no more

Mama did you know
My heart bled at that time
Despair sunk into me
I felt lost and cold?

Mama, I wanted to ask why,
Why did you abandon me,
What was my sin,
What mistake did I commit,
Why mama,
Why did you let me die,
Why did your heart turn cold?

Mama, I wanted to cry in pain,
To tell you to take a chance on me
But I had no voice
I was too dumb
And so to heaven I walked
Hoping to ask Him only
Hoping He would tell me
Why you had abandoned me so coldly.

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