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“He Proposed Today” — A Poem by Nice Mwaura

The ring is pure silver,
I can’t hold back my tears,
Not because it’s a norm,
Not because it got onion,
This is a proposal,
Today at my disposal!

He is not my boyfriend,.
No that one left for the coast,
On matters of political interest,
Those girls too were part of the business,
I didn’t know bikini was part of the attire
But honestly I am tired.

He is not my male bestie,
The one that promised to have my back,
Always to keep me on track,
Trailing along my paths,
And when I refused to kiss,
It’s bad bitch points that I missed.

He is not my classmate,
The one I’m always in a group discussion with,
No, that one helped me with assignments,.
He got too deep over late night study,
And did me like assignments,
So I was the book he needed to study…

I’m crying because,
This guy is on one knee,
This guy has got scars,
This guy has got bruises,
This guy has got punches,
It’s only me that understands…

The scar is from my boyfriend,
It’s the fight when he found him cheating,
The bruise is from my male bestie,
He couldn’t stand his demands,
The punch is from my classmate,
It’s the punches out of my psychological torture.

So apparently he is a childhood friend,
Tired to see my heartbreaks,
Exhausted from the sex mongrels,
Done with them taking advantage,
Tired of comforting me at his shoulders
He needs a chance to give me love…

Now you get why my eyes are wet,
It’s the ring that glitters,
It’s my heart that glimmers,
This sounds like some pure love,
This feels like an end of desolation,
Now I want you to tell me,
Does he deserve a yes?

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