Dear Miss Rona,

Dear Miss Rona,
When you entered the room
You reeked of danger
A painful sight to behold
Nothing like we’ve ever witnessed.

You tossed us behind bars,
Like animals in the zoo;
We can no longer source for food
Hence, a survival of the fittest!
Hitting us like a low blow,
The terror;
Nothing like we’ve ever felt.

Time did its thing—flew,
Your betrothed, Hunger
Glides in on us
With a plethora of gracefulness,
Surfing on our cascade of tears;
A frantic chase on the thorny plains of life ensues
Nothing like any race we’ve ever ran.

As we scurry to escape your deadly grip,
We encounter your offspring!
Innocent, yet Armed Robber
A product of vile parents
Brandishing his pee-stool towards us
Denting our armors and shields.

Dear Miss Rona,
you are not the deadliest on earth.

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