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Broken Beyond Repair

I felt my heart rip into pieces
My heart bled
And I cried.
With no shoulder to cry on,
I feel more pain.

The treasurer of my heart happens to be the worst enemy to it
I thought I could keep my heart in the guide of you
Buh you proved me wrong

Those disheartening moments,
The heartbreaking texts,
I should have known and guided my heart
Buh I stayed and decided to endure the pain
All because of the love I have for you
Yet you broke my heart

Now I’m shattered,
Now I feel lifeless
Now my day looks awkward without the sun
And my night is saddened without its most treasured moon

I thought you promised to always stand by me
You promised to never use the past to judge me
You promised never to allow anybody hurt me
Buh here you are hurting me like never before
The pain is not the problem, but I was shocked at the source

My source of happiness now becomes a fountain of sorrow
My best part now become my worst enemy
You left me with a wound to nurse when you left
Seeing you read my messages without reply breaks my heart

I cry uncontrollably,
Nobody to console me
My happiness has turned to sorrow

Can I ever fall in love again?

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