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She’s Indescribable

One could start by her perfectly shaped eyes, a startling feature to her symmetry. One could start with her fine nose that descended nobly on her full lips that curved perfectly.

I sat cross-eyed, pupils darting in opposite directions when she walked towards me wearing a crushed silk gown that cinched to her waist and made her look hourglassy. She walked with the grace of a cat, her gait was slow and jaunty.

We sat opposite the medical centre. From beneath her gown which came only to her thighs, her beautiful legs stuck out with toes that glistened with the effulgence of the moon.

She wore smiles when she walked towards me, she smelled of eau d’cologne, I dreamt of having hors’ d oeuvre with her. A beautiful girl that’s too scrubbed clean. Her honey-faired skin tone made me trip. Deep within her smiles I saw a heart so pure and laden with beauty.

We sat and her lips danced beautifully to our tete à tete. I enjoyed every second I spent with her. Her name has refused to fade from my tongue’s memory. She has taken a presence inside of me, she’s like legion, she has possessed my mind that I can’t help thinking of her smiles.

She’s indescribable, words cannot define her.

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