Power of Covenant

Oh fish fish
Come inside me
So the Creator deemed it
To merge us
You’re my soul mate
We are in covenant
So God made it

As men in covenant with God.
So we both are.
My bodies your room
Feel free inside me
Your children are my children
Ready I am to protect you.

Water, water, water
The Creator gave us both life
He’s in covenant with men
So I’m with you.
But men replaced God
With their fellow men
So will I replace you with Land

Oh! no, no, no.
In love we be
Don’t separate from me
Men did separate from God.
Death they suffer.
So shall death death await you
When separate from me.

Yes, so be it
Tired tired I am
Inside you
The Creator forgot
Life is nice and good,
When tested in both sides.
So let my life be.

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