Nothingness in Everything

I live in a world where everything matters
Yet nothing ever matters
The wind blows on windy days
When the earth feels like shading tweeny tears
The cloud goes numb yet nothing seems to be there

I live in a world where everyone seems right
Yet no one is ever wrong
The birds cry from the frustrations of nature
Man made nature
Or it is nature that shapes man

I live in a world that seems to rotate
Yet nothing ever slips
In the eyes of man
The world is just standing still

I live in a world that seems to have lost its value
Everyone’s always in a haste at everything
Yet same time repeats twice everyday
Even if it’s a spoilt clock

I live in a world where all is vanity
The richest man ends up the poorest man
Six feet deep into the wet soil
A world nothing you ever are doesn’t matter in death

I live in a world where the more you look
Surely is the less you see even for a blind man
Your friend could turn your betrayer in seconds
A world where dog eats dog

I live in a world where there’s everything in nothing
Where the ocean is unsafe even for its habitants
Where land is nothing but a dumping site
And there’s nothingness in everything

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