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Although my feet were bleeding, I ignored the stings and continued to walk furiously on the broken bottles until I was out of the wine cellar. Yes! I smashed every bottle of wine on the floor.

Ranting like a mad woman, I walked into my room, pulled out a big box and dropped it on the bed. I threw open my closet and began to fling all of my dresses into the box. As I walked to and fro, my feet left trails of blood on the floor.

I proceeded to my chest of drawers, pulled them out and packed the cocaine, cigarettes, lighters, condoms and dildos.

“I need to be fucking godly! I have to change! I need to be redeemed!” I yelled my lungs out, pouring everything into the box.

Satisfied that I’ve packed every ungodly thing into the box, I carried the heavy box from the bed and headed to the front door.

As soon as I got outside, I dropped the box on the ground, went inside and came back outside with a bottle of petrol. I picked a lighter from the box, and with a wide grin plastered on my face, I poured the petrol on the contents in the box, struck the lighter with my thumb and threw it on the box.

I folded my hands on my chest as I watched my ‘ungodly’ belongings burn.

“May your dear souls rest in peace,” I muttered softly and smirked.

I stood by the fire till every bit of my stuff turned into ashes.

This isn’t the first time I’ll be doing this. Everytime I try to change, I always return to my ‘bad girl’ ways. But I made a promise to myself that this time would be different.

I nodded my head and swallowed as I stared at the ashes for a short while. I turned around and headed into the house.

Immediately I stepped into my room, my phone rang. Hesitantly, I picked the call.

“Hello?” The person said something, grinned and said, “Oh, of course I’ll be right there.”

With that, I hung up. My best friend just called to tell me to meet her at the club at ten.

I heaved out a sigh as I walked into my empty closet, “Hmm, there was nothing to wear.”

As I made to walk out of the closet, something caught my attention: a black backless short gown. My lips curled up in a smirk as I picked up the dress from the floor. It must have fallen when I was emptying my closet.

I guess it isn’t time for me to be ‘godly’ just yet because I’m going paint the club red tonight. And of course, I’ll be coming back home with a man for the night.

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