Love Heals

Pain also comes in different shapes and sizes,
It lurks in allies and stands in the open.
Hearts are easily torn by predators
And tears cease not to flow from our eyes.

We beg mercy to find us
Take us away we say
From the chains that refrain us
And blind the eyes that seek to tear us

The light seems afar,
And we cannot find the switch.
This dark grief swallows us
Would our soul receive its redemption?

In an attempt to burn our pains
We flew close to the sun
But came crashing down
Just when redemption was at grasp.

We had risen to the top
But gravity had brought us down.
We had drank of the river
But now there are only pools of sand.

Now we reach out,
But nobody hears the cry of our hearts.
And though hope is in a season of drought
We, in every moment drown in a river of doubt.

Our mouths are gagged up,
We scream only in our hearts.
Our cries find home in our soul,
It drowns every form of hope.

With whom shall we share our thirst?
Other than our bodies and souls?
Somtimes we travel in company
But we still walk all alone.

Our cords have been broken
Our soul split in pieces
No one sees these broken pieces
We hide these pieces with careful pretense.

Trying to sound strong,
Made us squeal with a sharp.
Now we reach out to those we love
Hoping we can find a way out.

In an instant the maze becomes a plain
The hundred pieces puzzle is fixed
We now see clearly in the dark
The answer had been here all along.

The ones we love have been with the cure to our pains
Ignorant of our horrors,
They go about with their day
Now it’s clear, we must reach out to the heart that loves more than all.

PlayfulTD & AJ

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