I Am A Trash Poet

I am the Ooni of modern day poetry,
To crown it all, I made her a queen and gave her royalty.
From a cesspool to a swimming pool, Deadpool to a living spring,
Like a sonorous music to the ears,
I give the art melody and make her soul sing.

This is how trashy I am,
A god I am, I am that I am,
I make recycle beings and restore them back to the system,
Now they’re out of this world, somewhere beyond the solar system.

I am a trash poet,
A page poet that put poetry on history pages,
Put the homeland on the map, now homies pay homage like weekly wages,
I bring lion kings out of weaklings,
Made an ocean view for the mainstream.

This trash is something shallow minds can’t explain,
I’m that woozy writer that makes readers hmm… then type and exclaim,
The wisdom in the knowledge of understanding,
I mean, the wisdom that gives knowledge to understanding.

I fear what the human mind don’t understand,
Misunderstanding is just another phobia,
A working logical reasoning is a helping hand,
This support system only belong to those who don’t belong to the mortal atmosphere.

I am a trash poet, I am something they don’t know,
A golden riddle, it shines only to minds that glow…

Ooni: A Yourba king and traditional ruler of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

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