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First Kiss Sparks

First kiss sparks,
More gasoline,
Babe be my fire,
What if I wanna burn in your flames?
Would you kiss to ease the tension?
Ready for some deep sensation,
And what if I wanna say a confession,
That this is growing affection?
OK closer, babe, I miss that first kiss,
Remember short, sweet and gave us a bliss,
This time I want you grab more ass,
This time we have to go to Mars,
Yes, I just want us, everyone else anonymous,
More gas, more kiss,
I wanna reach for your belt,
I wanna hang low on your jeans,
Somehow get to see what’s in the genes,
Trace a line, come on lemme lean,
And I love how you wanna pin,
Keep calm, my tits are delicate,
Or maybe you wanna feel their delicacy?
I love how you crave like you have been through celibacy,
And how I let you in me like it’s a fair democracy,
And jeez spray me with your juices,
One hand on my neck but don’t chock in the embrace,
I’m already wet,
And pussy is a pet
And see you wanna get,
Take it slow…
Thrust back and fourth,
Till the hour strikes twenty fourth,
And I can’t loathe
You my light so I play like the moth..
Back and forth,
This time with more intensity..
Trust me this is reality,
It’s me you between the sheets
And I can’t regret the day we did first meet.
Hey handsome,
See look through my eyes,
Do you love the dawn?
Do you like when I am down,
Do you love how I moan
Will you tell them throughout the town?
And I love how you lay beside,
Proud I’m not your side,
Proud of how everything else is aside,
And if only you knew how much I crave,
You’d probably call me brave..
I just love you,
I just wanna be with you.

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