Fearless Heroes

Hold! Hold! Approaching enemy zone I say hold!
Stand firm soldiers for you’ve got to be bold.
Fearless warriors prepare for battle
Fly our banners and bear the mantle.
Get ready for battle of the century
Oh mighty little calvaries.
I say stand your ground
For no bars can keep you bound.
Mighty calvary tightens your armor
Load your guns, o ye men of valour
You’ve got to stand prepared for all things, good and bad
Giving your all with the strengths you’ve all gathered
Fearless warriors hold your head up high
Draw strength from our heroes watching from the sky.
These were the words of one who stands tall
In battles, rivalries and wars behind the walls
She’s a pride—the source of their strength
Who has taken them through fierce lengths
All hail mighty fearless Queen Amina Mohamud,
goddess and messiah of her country

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